Apartments for rent in Cala Ginepro Orosei Sardinia

Apartments for rent in Cala Ginepro Orosei Sardinia

Olbia 80 km, Golfo Aranci 100 km to 10 km from Orosei, 1 km from Cala Liberotto beach stands the Cala Ginepro Resort inside the Residence Il Mirto, which offers two rooms not more than 1 km from the beautiful sandy beach 10 minutes walking distance, ground floor or first floor and consists of veranda, living room with kitchenette with electric stove, fridge, microwave, TV, sofa bed for 1 person, mezzanine with another bed, double bedroom.

Apartments Bilocal at the residence of Cala Ginepro Orosei Apartments for rent in Cala Ginepro Orosei Sardinia

Apartments Il Mirto
The apartments of Il Mirto are ideally located in the peaceful village of Cala Ginepro, one of the most popular holiday and tourist destinations in the central east coast of Sardinia.

The apartments at Cala Ginepro Residence are located about 1 km from the beautiful beaches and coves of Cala Ginepro Orosei

Cala Ginepro Orosei
The coastline of the beaches of Cala Ginepro is exceptionally beautiful, the sandy crystal clear sea, the sea floor sloping gently, providing safe bathing for families traveling with children.
The apartments, two rooms for 4 people are equipped with a subdued and functional style and are perfect for a holiday in Sardinia ETE.
Orosei beaches

Cala Ginepro free beach, white sand with descending bottom
In the surrounding area is the famous protected Bidderos oasis, from the pine forest and beautiful