Best Wellness SPA in Sardinia 2018

Best Wellness SPA in Sardinia 2018 SPA and Wellness in Sardinia. SPA in Sardinia is a real treat for your health in your holiday in Sardinia

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In a place where to leave the tensions and find a time in which to use unmissable events of egotism, a place that also gives couples the opportunity to reach new consciousness together to discover new affinities and complicity.

SPA wellness with good condition in Sardinia Best Wellness SPA in Sardinia 2018 SPA and Wellness in Sardinia. SPA in Sardinia is a real treat for your health in your holiday in Sardinia

Thermal resorts in northern Sardinia

North of the Sardinian island are two important thermal complexes: Casteldoria and Tempio Pausania. The first is located in the province of Sassari a few kilometers from Castelsardo and seems to have been known since Roman times. The many properties of these waters have also been recognized by the Directorate General for Health as curative medicine. Thermal waters flow between the sea and the river Coghinas, the largest river in northern Sardinia. The waters are rich in minerals and have a temperature between 40 and 76 ° C. Near the spa, are the remains of the Genoese domination of the area: the ruins of a castle belonging to the family Doria dating from the twelfth century.

Another important complex is that of Tempio Pausania, north-east of Sassari in Gallura. The Rinagghju water flowing granite rocks is cold and has a low mineral content.

Spa resorts in the center of Sardinia

Overview of the baths Two other spas, located in the center of the island you will find near Nuoro (even if on paper they appear on the territory of Sassari) and in the area of ​​Oristano. The baths of Benetutti, easily accessible, even by bus from the Ozieri-Chilivani train station, have a thousand-year-old tradition: in San Saturnino, where the water flows, there are thermal facilities dating from the Roman era who called them Aquae Lusitanae. Located in the Sardinian hinterland, they have the advantage of not being very popular with mass tourism. These thermal waters, rich in minerals and sulfur, have a temperature of 40 ° C and are used for therapeutic purposes.

The second is the spa of Fordongianus which is in the province of Oristano, more precisely in the valley of Tirso. The stratified archaeological remains testify to the long-term use of these sources. The Romans called them Aquae Hypsitanae and it is possible to observe a thermal complex of the imperial era characterized by swimming pools and basins in addition to the classic system: Frigidarium, Tepidarium and Calidarium. In addition to the remains of the Roman era, it is possible to visit the church of S. Lussorio of the twelfth century, and a typical architecture of the sixteenth century: the Aragonese house. The waters flow at a temperature of 55 ° C and are rich in salts, minerals and fluors, also excellent for the therapeutic treatment of many diseases.

Thermal resorts in southern Sardinia

A few kilometers from the Sardinian capital Cagliari, you will find the Terme di Sardara along the Via Carlo Felice, perched on a cliff. These are the most ancient baths of all Sardinia: Santa Maria Aquas, indeed, in a territory very rich in archaeological sites and testimonies of the nuragic period. For example, the rural buildings of Barumini are very interesting to discover, or the nuragic temple founded in the church of S. Anastasia, close to a source of healing water. Water from five different sources is known to be enriched in bicarbonate and calcium with a temperature between 50 and 70 ° C.