For rent in Valledoria Apartments with sea views Villa with 2 bedrooms

For rent in Valledoria Apartments with sea views Villa with 2 bedrooms

The Villa has a panoramic View "Trilocal" La Muddizza is located on the hill of Monte Assari Muddizza, it consists of 2 apartments of three rooms. Each apartment consists of 2 bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen-living room with sofa-bed, the apartments have a large veranda with sea view, a parking, a large garden with outdoor showers and barbecue. The distance from the sea is 1.7 km away. "The three rooms of 6 beds"

Description of the holiday in Valledoria
The holiday house is situated on the hill of Monte Assari La Muddizza

Location : The Muddizza Valledoria
Type: Three coins in a panoramic villa
Rooms: 2 bedrooms
Stay: with sofa-bed
Beds: Six
Kitchen: In the living room with dining area, fully equipped kitchen
More: garden furniture washing machine
Garden: large garden with outdoor showers
Veranda: a large veranda with sea view
Distance from the beach : The distance from the sea is 1.7 km away
Nearby: Shopping Centre and all services

Panoramic Villa three parts, The Muddizza Valledoria For rent in Valledoria Apartments with sea views Villa with 2 bedrooms

The Muddizza Valledoria
The Muddizza part of the city of Vallejo, in the province of Sassari, in the region of fraction Sardegna.The or of the village of la Muddizza is 2,92 km from the city of Vallejo. The village or the city of la Muddizza rises 76 meters above the sea level.
The city of Vallejo are also of the fractions of party or locations Codaruina, La Ciaccia (5,04 km), Maragnani (3,27 km), Maragnanu (2,66 km), San Pietro (2,69 km).

Valledoria North of the Sardinia

Valledoria: Located in the Gulf north of Castelsardo, Valledoria was founded in 1961 by the union of a certain fraction of Castelsardo and Sedini. The name means the valley of the Doria, the noble Italian family in the Thirteenth century, built to defend its possessions, Valledoria over The last thirty years has become the meaning of tourism, through the creation of many tourist facilities Residence Hotel Apartments and the services offered to tourists, who can find beautiful beaches and plenty of entertainment. The country is also an excellent location as the starting point for short trips between the beauty of historical, artistic and natural of the North Sardinia. Valledoria offers tourists 20 kilometres of beautiful beaches that combine the cliffs of the island, the Red rocks of Castelsardo. You can also swim in its blue waters to a beautiful, diving excursions to go on the coasts of the region a great holiday fun and tranquility

Villas houses Valledoria:
Offers holiday accommodation in Valledoria in northern Sardinia. holiday villas for rent in Valledoria in the sea front of the city located not far from the beaches that are appropriate for your summer family holiday. Holiday Chalets to the sea and tourist apartments in private. Each apartment is ready to guarantee to the tourists during their stay ll or holiday in Valledoria, a cosy and familiar environment.

How to reach Valledoria:
Ferries and flights to Sardinia
By plane or by ferry, Valledoria is easily accessible at any time of the year. Choose the location where the earth or the earth and enjoy the holidays. Valledoria is easily accessible from any part of Italy or Europe.

For those traveling by plane:
Flights To Sardinia - Alghero. Boarding You can choose to land at the airport of Olbia, in the north-east of Sardinia, and in Alghero, on the west coast.

Travel by ferry:
Sardinia is accessible by ferry. You can decide to land at Olbia and Porto Torres, in the north of the island. According to the city of origin, you will be able to embark in Genoa, Livorno, Piombino, Civitavecchia, Naples, Palermo, Trapani. The trip can last several hours, but it is very comfortable.

The beach of Valledoria:
is located in the regional capital, the city is located in the centre of the northern coast of Sardinia, not far from Castelsardo. The area offers several attractions. the water level of the pond beach Coghinas.The of Valledoria, is not a real beach, but an area of the lake along the banks of the Coghinas, the third longest river in Sardinia. In the nearby town of Santa Maria Coghinas, you will be able to admire the baths Casteldoria, hot-water springs which flow from the Furlo gorge.

Beaches Mimosa Baia:
The bay of Mimosa is a white sand beach with a blue sea and surrounded by dunes on which is found the coastal vegetation
Beaches in San Pietro: The beaches that open in the city of the coast Vallejo identify a resort area very popular. The plain of Valledoria, in fact, is a stretch of about 7 km long that reaches up to Badesi, an alternation of areas with golden sand areas with white sand beach interrupted only by the mouth of the rio Coghinas. This is poured into the beach of Saint-Pierre, with a width of about 3 km.

Beaches Li Mindi:
Li Mindi is located in the city of Badesi Mare, in the municipality of Badesi. The beach has a sand of light color for medium. The beach is long and beautiful, wonderful colours, opens onto the panorama on the island and the coast which extends from Castelsardo, Red Island
Beach La Ciaccia - Valledoria

The beach of La Ciaccia is the main beach of valledoria its white sand to the right and rocks on the left. the clear water and lim

Distance from Valledoria in the airports and ports of Sardinia

Distance from the airport of Alghero, Valledoria - Fertilia: Seventy four km
Distance from Valledoria Sassari: Forty four km
Distance from Valledoria, Porto Torres: Forty six km
Distance from Valledoria to Olbia: Eighty four km
Distance from Valledoria in Golfo Aranci: One hundred three km
Of Valledoria in Cagliari: Two hundred forty three km
Valledoria from the airport of Cagliari - Elmas: Two hundred thirty eight km