Holiday House San Gavino Budoni north-east coast of Sardinia

Holiday House San Gavino Budoni north-east coast of Sardinia Holiday Rental Sardinia> north east east coast of Sardinia> Budoni north-east coast> House 4 bedrooms

Position of the holiday home
Budoni, one of the most important tourist destinations of Sardinia, with its 18 kilometers of white sandy beaches and pine forests, to rent rustic holiday home finished by the owner located in Budoni is about 2 km from the beach

Holiday house four bedrooms composed of a living room with sofa bed 2 double bedrooms, a single bedroom, fully equipped kitchen with oven and microwave 2 bathrooms, one with private shower, patio and patio with aluminum grill

TV decoder Washing machine, Water supply, Solar outdoor shower

Typology: Holiday House on the ground floor 4 rooms
Nbr of Bedrooms: 3 Bedrooms + Stay
Sleeps: 7 people
Town / City: Budoni Eastern coasts of Sardinia
Distance from the sea: 2 km from the beach of Budoni

Holiday House San Gavino Budoni Sardinia Holiday House San Gavino Budoni north-east coast of Sardinia Holiday Rental Sardinia> north east east coast of Sardinia> Budoni north-east coast> House 4 bedrooms

Clear turquoise waters and endless beaches with fine white sand, a holiday in Budoni, in the northeastern part of the island of Sardinia, gives you the feeling of having your suitcases in one of the paradise corners on the ground. Varied coastline vegetation, very green spring leaves visitors under the charm, beautiful coves and increases the attractiveness of this seaside town.

A small town in Italy, Budoni could not avoid his fate and emphasized his wealth, as historical as the picturesque surrounding it, on the Tyrrhenian coast. Budoni is about 20 km from white sandy beaches that wind around rocks, cliffs and coves.

The quality of the water that runs from turquoise to blue is an invitation to immerse yourself in the sea floor. By the way, it was here in 1998 that the world record for diving was broken. Everything is thought to meet the tastes of tourists. Camping sites, hotels for every budget, houses and resorts, hotels, apartments or villas, surfboards or water bikes, diving equipment, tennis, horseback riding, yacht port (Ottiolu) about 500 rings, attracting up to 70 000 tourists per year, the population density of less than 5000 people.

Rest, the charm of a small town of Sardinia also works inside the land. Pine forests, mountainous scenery. Many ponds, bordered камышом and тамариском may offer the opportunity to surprise the start of a flock of pink flamingos. But the hook inside the land of renting a car in Budoni allows you to plunge into a past-city-resort that attests to the presence of man in the 6000 years.

The inhabitants speak in the northern dialect (gallurais), as well as the dialect (southern logoudorais), because even if almost 80% of the citizens speak logoudorais, the Budoni church marks the linguistic limit between the two dialects. "
Transport and travel in Budoni
Best to arrive at Olbia Airport is 35 km from Budoni. At the airport, no less than 17 rental companies can rent a car for Budoni. In addition, it is possible to rent a car in Budoni. Arrival in Sardinia can also take place via Cagliari Airport, but there is no car required.

Excursions in Budoni
Beaches, beaches, beaches. It is difficult to come in Budoni and pour 18 kilometers of white sand or turn back into the sea and into the bay, the spa town. All the more so because the vast majority of tourists are coming to make the feast of beauty in the north-east of Sardinia and the Tyrrhenian coast.

Departures in Budoni
To go out for dinner, you will be pampered in Budoni, a restaurant of the legion. You will also find fast pizzas, or you can try the early pm ice cream prepared in numerous ice cream stalls that live in the seaside town. For more entertainment, at night, several clubs to relax is a nightclub.

Small town in northeastern Sardinia, Budoni enjoys about 18 km of beautiful sandy coasts. Not far away are the popular seaside resort of San Teodoro and the picturesque port of Porto Ottiolu. The clear waters of the ocean and the breathtaking natural scenery of the region make this destination one of the most attractive in the Mediterranean.

Budoni Vacations

Budoni is located on the northeastern coast of Sardinia, strategically located in the center, between the Gulf of Orosei and the Costa Smeralda.
As part of the barony territory, Budoni, with its 18 km of coastline, has become one of the most sought after villages on the island. A land where nature preserves, white sandy beaches provide the setting for a relaxing holiday and are also ideal for visiting other nearby localities, such as the most popular San Teodoro, only 12 km away.

Besides that for the unique landscapes in the world, there are many reasons to spend a holiday in Budoni:
Like many localities nearby, Budoni was an old park in the Galure. Several villages still maintain that the agropastoral economy, like San Lorenzo, Solità and Saint-Pierre are present in the surrounding area.
There are also interesting archaeological remains, such as the nuraghe Entosu, the nuraghe Conca and Bentu and the domus de jana Agliòla in the village of Solità.
Budoni comes alive especially in summer. The most important event of the summer is undoubtedly the 15th of August of Budoni, with shows and local nightly all night.
Of great importance is also the port of Ottiolu, with more than 400 places for the boats, an ideal starting point for accomplishing small cruises to the discovery of the coasts of North-eastern Sardinia.

The most beautiful beaches of Budoni and the surrounding area
Cala di Budoni

Just a few hundred meters from the village, you will find a long 4 km beach that grows between Punta Li Cucutti and Punta Porto Ainu, taking the names of the different areas: Li Salineddi, Salamaghe, Lido del Sole and Sa Capannizza.
Rich of services, such as food outlets, bar and parking, it is accessible for disabled people.

Beach of Sant'Anna

In Tanaunella, south of Budoni, the beach of Sant'Anna has a suggestive landscape thanks to the Pedrami island which lies in front.
A natural beach, loved by fishermen and by those who like the immersions for the rock bottom.

Li Cucutti Beach

In the locality Agrustos-Ottiolu, north of Budoni, the small beach of Li Cucutti, whose name indicates the sea turtle, you can find a beach about 3 km surrounded by reefs and a dense pine forest that you can go to walking or cycling. In addition, the Cupulatti pond is also present in the surrounding area


The beach of Isuledda, at the beginning of the town of San Teodoro, so called because it closes to the south of the Protected Marine Area of ​​Tavolara - Punta Coda Cavallo deserves a visit.
A spectacular beach, with a sea with different gradations of the azure and surrounded by a mediterannean maquis.
In addition, it is suitable for bathing children for low depth. The services offered are a large parking lot and various re-establishment points.