Organize your holiday Summer 2018 in Sardinia

Organize your holiday Summer 2018 in Sardinia   Camping Village in Costa Smeralda Arzachena, Aiosardegna offers Bungalow Bungalow for summer holidays on Sardinian sea beaches

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Camping Proposals for vacation in 2018 Emerald Coast Cannigione Gulf of Arzachena in Camping and Village Bungalow. Offers Camping & Bungalow Camping in Sardinia on the Emerald Coast. Search your favorite campsite and the sea of ​​Costa Smeralda in Sardinia suitable for you.

Aiosardegna offers camping villages & bungalows for a summer holiday by the sea on the beaches of Sardinia Costa Smeralda. Online booking at Bungalow Camping on your holidays from the list our campsite offers in Arzachena or call us 0039 070 502 399

Welcome to Sardinia Costa Smeralda Arzachena:
For your summer holidays in Sardinia, Arzachena Aiosardegna offers a wide selection of Bungalow Camping and the summer resort of 2018 in Sardinia. Offers Camping Village Bungalow Costa Smeralda Arzachena Cannigione Bay. If you are looking for a place near the sea on the Costa Smeralda, do not offer at low cost prices and Last Minute Arzachena. They are available to aezachena in Sardinia at sea with all comfort and suitable for children.

The proposed Campings on holiday in Sardinia are the families of a pair of children. Camping Aiosardegna offer the chance to enjoy the beautiful beaches of a peaceful holiday in a family with all the amenities in Sardinia

Special offers Bungalow at Camping Costa Smeralda Arzachena. Camping Arzachena offers an alternative to Sardinian Sea vacations at the front, close to the most famous beaches of the Emerald Coast. All Campsites Mobile Homes Bungalows on the Costa Smeralda Arzachena in Cannigione Gulf are equipped to accommodate campers and campers.

There is Boungalow Camping Studio Two. A diverse selection for families with children offers playgrounds to meet campers during their stay or vacation leave on the Emerald Coast and the whole of northern Sardinia.

Camping Costa Smeralda Arzachena Sardinia Organize your holiday Summer 2018 in Sardinia Camping Village in Costa Smeralda Arzachena, Aiosardegna offers Bungalow Bungalow for summer holidays on Sardinian sea beaches

Costa Smeralda is the name of the north-eastern coast of Sardinia (Gallura). And 'it is completely in this in the urban area of ​​Arzachena and forms a peninsula running from the unifying Gulf to that of Cugnana.

Consorzio Costa Smeralda, founded in 1962 by Prince Karim Aga Khan of Ismaili gave a lot of pressure to rest the industry in Sardinia, making this location in an important and well-known holiday resort area Camping Hotel Residence Villages

Location of Costa Smeralda tourist
In addition to Porto Cervo and Porto round, there are in Costa Smeralda other important tourist places that are worth visiting and ideal for a holiday in Sardinia Arzachena, Arzachena is located in the north-east of Sardinia, among its several coastal factions, Baja Sardinia, Porto Cervo and Cannigione. Arzachena municipality has about 80 kilometers of coastline, a bit sandy, some with a view of the sea that make up the Arzachena Bay fjord.

Baia Sardinia 4 km west of Porto Cervo, is a well-known tourist center, famous for its beautiful landscape. In Baja Sardinia, there are Bed and breakfast holiday homes. during the summer, meeting place for tourists and Costa Smeralda in the north of Sardinia.

Cannigione is located on the west side of the Gulf of Arzachena, which has always been a natural harbor; Canniggione today still retains the characteristics of an old fishing village once before it is discovered by international tourism. Cannigione is equipped with all amenities, hotels, camping, restaurants, as well as sailing schools. Dall'attrezzato marina are daily ferries to Mary Magdalene and other islands.

Portisco, a few kilometers from the city of Olbia, immerses itself in a unique naturalistic setting, surrounded by the most beautiful beaches of the Emerald Coast. Thanks to the modern port at its disposal, which can accommodate a large number of yachts, it is a good starting point to explore the entire coast.

put in the bay, which on the opposite side welcomes the beach of Punta Marana, near a small agglomeration tourist. These beaches, although very close to Porto Rotondo, belong to the Aranci Gulf region. From the birth of Costa Smeralda, the port of Golfo Aranci revived thanks to passenger transport carried out by ferries from state railways.