Organize your holiday Summer 2018 in Sardinia

Organize your holiday Summer 2018 in Sardinia   Camping a village in Alghero, Aiosardegna offers a Bungalow Bungalow for a summer holiday on Sardinia's sea beaches

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Organize your summer vacation in Sardinia 2018 Camping & Village in Alghero. Offers Camping & Cottages in Sardinia on the beaches of Alghero. Search your favorite campsite and meet your needs the sea in the north of Sardinia. Aiosardegna offers camping villages & bungalows for a summer vacation on Sardinia's Sardinian sea beaches.

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We invite you to Alghero in Sardinia:
For your summer holiday in Sardinia, Alghero Aiosardegna offers a wide selection of Bungalow Camping and the resort for the summer of 2018 in Sardinia. The campsite offers a village bungalow in Sardinia. If you are looking to close the site to the sea on the beach in the north of Sardinia do not constitute an offer at low cost prices and last minute in Alghero. They are available in Alghero in Sardinia on the sea with all the comfort and suitable for children. The proposed Campings on holiday in Sardinia are the families of a couple of children.

Camping Aiosardegna offers the chance to enjoy the beautiful beaches of a quiet holiday in a family with all the amenities in Sardinia

Offers a camping bungalow in Alghero.
Alghero camping offers are an alternative to Sardinian Sea vacations at the front and close to the most famous beaches of the Alghero coastline. All Houses Camping Mobile Phones Bungalow in Alghero are equipped to accommodate tourists. There is Boungalow Camping Studio Two. A varied selection for families with children offers playgrounds to meet campers during their stay or vacation in Alghero and around the northern part of Sardinia.

Camping Bungalow by the sea in Alghero Sardinia Organize your holiday Summer 2018 in Sardinia Camping a village in Alghero, Aiosardegna offers a Bungalow Bungalow for a summer holiday on Sardinia's sea beaches

Alghero Northern Sardinia:
Alghero is the most iconic tourist resort on the Coral Coast with its rich shores, secluded coves, small cove hiding the soft beaches fringed by dense pine forests, rugged cliffs bathed by the emerald sea of ​​Sardinia.

The climate in Alghero is always mild, clear and unusual colors of the sea, fragrances with typical Mediterranean vegetation, Enjoy a pleasant and carefree stay, whether on vacation or just for a short break in Alghero,

In the evening the Catalan City comes alive in its historic village full of charm to accommodate nightlife in many traditional restaurants and fish and the promenade at Lido Alghero. And 'vacnza summer sea ideal for everyone: families with children, young people, foreign tourists living in Alghero year-round Thanks to the nearby Low Cost flights to Alghero Fertilia airport.

Beaches of Alghero and the surrounding area
Bombarde Beach Alghero - Lazzaretto beach Alghero - Mugoni Beach Alghero - Lido Beach Alghero is Lido beach called Saint John and stretches for about 3 km. Alghero - Beach Dragunara Alghero - Beach Porto Ferro Alghero - Alghero from Marina Beach - Beach Punta Giglio Alghero - Tramariglio The Beach Maria Pia Beach Alghero Fertilia -beach (or Punta Negra) to Alghero - Pischina Salida Beach Alghero (Location Capo Caccia) Beach La Speranza Alghero - a small beach from Porto Conte - small beach Ivo Masu - Burantì beach