Rent Apartments in Bosa Sardinia

Rent Apartments in Bosa Sardinia

The apartment consists of a living room with a balcony and cooking and a spacious loft (size cm x 80 cm, 110 ..); where two double bed or double rooms with balcony. (size cm x 80 cm. 110); a couch in a dovecote; Complete WC with washbasin, bidet, toilet and shower.

dishwasher, kitchen four burners and oven, fridge with freezer, radio / CD player, TV, air conditioning in room, electric water heater.

The apartment is on the south side and is located on the second floor, in the square on November 4, in the center of town; 800 fully renovated building.

Because they are Awarded in 2014 with second place among the most beautiful towns in Italy, Bosa c.a.p. 08013 The town of about 8000 inhabitants, in the province of Oristano, which is part of the old Planargia which included Alghero Bosa and attached to the Catalan municipality from the seaside road, overlooking the charming beaches and coves.

Today, the city of Bosa, thanks to its favorable weather climate, offers tourists and locals many interesting ideas, with Karrasegare, typical Carnival of Bosa, tasting the famous Malvasia di Bosa, visiting the old Malaspina Castle, walking alongside scared to see typical colorful houses to the mouth of the river in Bosa Marina, with beaches and Aragon.

Among the ceramics and fillet, Bosa town is also famous for its restaurants, which often offer Fish menu thanks to many fishermen in the area and to many farms in the province of Oristano. Between Alghero and Bosa Marina beaches and coves will offer tourists and patrons who sleep in residences, camping, B & Bs, hotels and hostels in the area.

Bosa offers a rich architectural heritage, like the Co-Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, which was built on the existing church of the twelfth century. Dominant view of Castello di Serravalle, said Malaspina, with seven watchtowers and 300 m from the walls.

Apartment with 3 rooms Residence Super comfort in Bosa Rent Apartments in Bosa Sardinia

Near Bosa
Bosa Marina coast with its long beach 1 km long sandy beach, with beach facilities, restaurants and services.

La Torre Argentina, along the coast towards Alghero.
From Alghero, Bosa meets the spectacular scenes of Marargiu. In the north of the cape is the small Cala Ittiri, one of the most beautiful in northern Sardinia. In the south there is a small beach Cala Bernardu. Cala is located in the east

Giuncheza and Cala Santa Maria beach.
However, the most famous beaches include Porto Manag beach, Compoltitu beach and S'Abba Druche beach. Compoltitu Beach and S'Abba Druche o Druke are also famous for the recognition of the 5 sails of Legambiente.


Distance from Bosa to Alghero: 45 km
Distance from Alghero - Fertilia airport: 54 km
Distance from Bosa Oristano: 60 km
The distance from Bosa to Cagliari: 178 km
The distance from Bosa to Porto Torres is 106 km
Distance from Bosa to Olbia: 135 km