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Welcome to Pula is a city full of life, in summer it is full of tourists from all over the world, attracts beautiful Sardinia and the sea and beaches estive.Trovare a holiday Accommodation for rent is easy Holiday Homes Apartments are available both in the city center and on the sea

Our apartments for rent in Pula offer holiday apartments in Pula for summer vacations in 2018 with all the amenities to spend your holidays in Sardinia, near the sea and the beautiful beaches of southern Sardinia. Our apartments in Pula have been selected by Lox for the cost of economical vacation to the needs of tourists.

Our apartments in Pula are a great place to spend your beach holiday with family and children. Offers Holiday homes in Sardinia apartments and villas for rent in Pula available in both cities, either on the sea surface or in any case, near the beaches for children, making them ideal for a family holiday. Aiosardegna will accompany you in the best choice of renting homes by the sea in the south of Sardinia private holiday apartments. Each apartment is maintained and inspected to provide our guests during their vacation in Pula, a comfortable and familiar environment.

Why South Sardinia Pula for your holiday. Pula is a populous country in the southwest of Cagliari, known for its territory possesses the ruins of the city of Nora, the first Phoenician city in Sardinia. Pula, with its fabulous microclimate, is a reality yet discovered 20 km of coastline. Long sandy white beaches, small narrow bays between rocky capes, clear clear sea. Mountains, forests, streams of Sulcis Park. Gentle winters, it is never too hot in the summer.

Lastly, Pula is the basic formula for a holiday in Pula, perfect for all ages. The Pula Territory is huge contains a natural environment of rocky shores, a sea of ​​wonderful cosmetic beaches, ranging from the extensive Santa Margherita to Nora. In the vicinity of Puli you can visit the forests of Piscina Mann and Cannoneris. Traveling places strongly appeal to her beauty of fauna and flora. The presence of some nuraghi and steep walls of Calamixi, make it particularly interesting to visit. Bright, beautiful beaches in the city center. Today Pula is a beach destination where tourists can count on the offer of additional top-class hotels and facilities for summer vacations.

Holiday Homes Apartments Villas are able to offer all kinds of services to their guests, but also those who choose another Bed and Breakfast Camping and Residences

Holiday Rentals Pula Sardinia Summer Homes For Rent And Pool In Sardinia Book your holiday home or apartment in Pula for a family vacation by consulting a list of houses in Pula and call us 0039 070 502 399

Pula City and Coastal Tourism Southern Sardinia

Pula offers tourists and holiday makers beautiful coastline and wilderness. Pula is a Sardinian holiday resort in facilities that will satisfy all your holiday needs and a peaceful and relaxing stay in Sardinia, the holiday homes villas Residence apartments offer all the amenities to spend your holidays in Chaff and Sardinia.

Pula is a city in the province of Cagliari Pula is a great place to explore the south-west coast of Sardinia. A holiday in Pula not only fulfills the desire for nightlife and seafood and gastronomy. In Pula you can find extraalbreghieri amenities such as houses, houses, apartments, residences. Additionally, who are looking for low cost solutions There are bed and breakfast and holiday apartments for your holiday in Sardinia. The historical center of Pula is small but perfect temporamento and very welcoming.

On the square of John XXIII is the patron saint church of San Giovanni Battista (XIX). Corso Vittorio Emanuele is home to the archaeological museum "Patronat", where the finds from nearby Nora are preserved.

On the way to Nora is the aristocratic Villa Santa Maria
Nora's way leads to the beach and archaeological site of Nora. The city of Phenicia-Punic and later Roman, lies just above the sea, at the foot of Capo di Pula. The closest beaches are Nora Beach, Guventeddu

Pula South Sardinia best place for holidays Seaside

The town of Pula South Sardinia enjoys a beautiful position along the south-west coast of Golfo degli Angeli of Southern Sardinia. The number of inhabitants in Pula multiplies in the summer of the seaside tourism. In addition, the village of Pula is well known for the ancient city of Nora. Moreover, the surroundings of Pula have been inhabited since the Nuragic period.

Nora was one of the first cities in Sardinia and was founded by the hero Norax, the son of Hermes and the nymph Erythia. It is located at the foot of the Capo di Pula promontory. From this point, still going east of the Sardinia, a vast bay that ends at Punta Santa Vittoria houses the beaches of Fichi and Su Gunventeddu. The city of Pula, has developed and become a tourist and seaside town, the hotel structures holiday homes villas villas bed and breakfast are well appointed and designed to attract tourists even French holidaymakers who arrive by boat or ferries from Toulon Marseilles Corsica

Why choose Pula Southern Sardinia for your holidays

Pula is a town in southwestern Sardinia, famous because its territory holds the ruins of the city of Nora, the first Phoenician city in Sardinia. Pula, with its fabulous microclimate, is a reality yet to be discovered with 20 km of coastline with white sand beaches a transparent sea. Pula is the ideal formula for a holiday in Pula, ideal for family holidays with children.

Today Pula is a holiday and beach destination where vacationers can find an offer of hotels and good vacation rentals for summer stays. The holiday homes apartments villas villas can offer holidaymakers the comfort and choice for their holidays in southern Sardinia

The most beautiful beaches of Pula Southern Sardinia
Beach Spiaggia di Nora Beach Cala Bernardini Beach spiaggia Su Giudeu Beach Cala Cipolla Beach Spiaggia Tuerredda

Southern Sardinia

Gate of Southern Sardinia Cagliari is a large Mediterranean port, marked by a rich history. The towers and bastions of the old fortified city, the tall palm trees and the liberty architecture of the seashore, create an astonishing silhouette with a colorful and lively historic center, full of bars and restaurants, shops and shops.

Just a few kilometers to reach some of the most beautiful beaches of Sardinia. Following the coast to the west, there are the long sandy beaches of Santa Margherita di Pula, the dazzling beaches of Chia Tuerredda and Teulada and the spectacular dunes of Porto Pino.
In the archipelago of Sulcis, the islands of Sant'Antioco and San Pietro Carloforte are splendid beaches,

On the south-eastern coast of Sardinia lies Villasimius, one of the most popular tourist destinations of Sardinia, the southeastern end of the island, from Solanas to Capo Carbonara and then back to the north, combining long beaches abundant sand, cliffs and secret coves.
Do not miss in southern Sardinia Cagliari - Villasimius - Chia and Tuerredda - The archaeological site of Nora - Porto Pino - Sant'Antioco and San Pietro

Distance from main airports

Distance from Pula to Olbia - Costa Smeralda Airport: 292 km
Distance from Pula to "Alghero Airport - Fertilia: 265 km
Distance from Pula to Cagliari - Elmas Airport: 38 km

Pula distance from the main ports:

Distance from Pula to Olbia Port: 295 km
Distance from Pula to Port of Golfo Aranci: 311 km
Distance from Pula to the port of Arbatax: 166 km
Distance from Pula to the port of Cagliari: 32 km
Distance from Pula to Porto Torres Port: 266 km

Distance from main tourist cities

Distance from Pula to Arzachena: 318 km
Distance from Pula to San Teodoro: 282 km
Distance from Pula to Alghero: 255 km
Distance from Pula Villasimius: 82 km
Distance from Pula to Badesi: 280 km
Distance from Pula to Stintino: 279 km
Distance from Pula to Castelsardo: 274 km