VILLA FLAVIANO IS MOLAS GOLF CLUB, PULA, SOUTH SARDINIA   Holiday rentals Sardinia villa garden terrace Residence is molas Golf Club, Pula, Sardinia South

Beautiful villa in the green of Is Molas, on 2 levels with a beautiful flowered garden and furnished

Beautiful two-storey villa at Is Molas, with its lush flower garden, a veranda with garden furniture and barbecue. Large living room rustic interior, TV, equipped kitchen with fridge / freezer and a gas cooker, washing machine, four bedrooms for a total of 8 beds and two bathrooms, one per floor. Reserve of water.

TV fridge freezer washing machine 2 bathrooms kitchen Utensils, 2 sun loungers outdoor showers, Garden

VILLA FLAVIANO IS MOLAS, PULA, SOUTH SARDINIA VILLA FLAVIANO IS MOLAS GOLF CLUB, PULA, SOUTH SARDINIA Holiday rentals Sardinia villa garden terrace Residence is molas Golf Club, Pula, Sardinia South

Is Molas Golf Club is located 30 km from Cagliari, on the southwestern coast of Sardinia. Thanks to the unique microclimate of this area, the only one on the island and set by the presence of neighboring mountains repel the winds from the north, you can enjoy golf activities throughout the year.

In the area where Is Molas Golf Club is located in the neighborhood of Santa Margherita di Pula to Cape Teulada, in one of the most fascinating stretches on the south coast of Sardinia, beautiful beaches and clear waters of the bay draw outlines of one of the most exciting landscapes for golfers and nature lovers. Sardinia.

Situated in the magnificent landscape of the Tower of Nora and the remains of the Roman city, Is Molas Golf Club is a road that leads from the hills toward the sea.

Pula Town and coastal tourism South Sardinia
Pula offers tourists and holidaymakers beautiful coastline and wilderness. The Pula is Sardinia's vacationing vacation in facilities that will satisfy all your holiday needs and a peaceful and relaxing stay in Sardinia, the vacation homes residence villas offer all the amenities to spend your holidays in Chaff and Sardinia.

Pula is a city in the province of Cagliari Pula, which is a great place to explore the south-west coast of Sardinia. And holiday in Pula not only fulfills the desire for nightlife and sea food and gastronomy. In Pula you can find extraalbreghieri amenities such as houses, homes, apartments, residences. Additionally, who are looking for low cost solutions There are bed and breakfast and holiday apartments for holidays in Sardinia.

The historical center of Pula is small but perfect temporamento and very welcoming. On the square of John XXIII is the patron saint church of San Giovanni Battista (XIX). Corso Vittorio Emanuele is home to the archaeological museum "Patronat" where the finds from nearby Nora are preserved.

On the way to Nora is the aristocratic Villa Santa Maria Nora road leading to the beach and the Archaeological Nora. The city of Phoenician-Punic and later Roman, lies just above the sea, at the foot of Capo Pula. The closest beaches are Nora Beach, Guventeddu

A few minutes away from the Lighthouse, guests can have access to the services of the Golf course of Is Molas, which, for more than thirty years, is the drop-off point for golfers visiting the island of Sardinia.
Located between the sea and the mountains in the South of Sardinia, this golf course offers course among the most technical and the most attractive in the mediterranean basin, while enjoying a unique microclimate as temperatures rarely fall below 15°, even in winter.