Big Offer for holidays House San Teodoro Nord east of Sardinia

Big Offer for holidays House San Teodoro Nord east of Sardinia Apartments Villas for rent in San Teodoro in the city overlooking the sea on the beach in San Teodoro are specific to your family summer vacation with friends.      

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Holidays in San Teodoro sleep, in Sardinia
San Teodoro enjoys a high prestige among the main tourist destinations in Sardinia, because San Teodoro offers tourist services and additional facilities of a good quality hotel. San Teodoro is the perfect place for a beach holiday full of fun and relaxation thanks to its beautiful beaches like La Cinta and Isuledda Holiday House Residence. San Teodoro is also a sport and nightlife. In San Teodoro you can find beaches of irresistible charm, life and sea air on the stretch of coastline from the environmental profile. San Teodoro is geographically and culturally located in the subregion Gallura, in the north-eastern part of Sardinia, which makes the great tradition of hospitality a valuable source for important holidays.

Welcome to San Teodoro Nord east of Sardinia:

For your holidays in Sardinia, San Teodoro Aiosardegna offers you the choice of Residence Villas villas for summer in San Teodoro. Ville offers Residence Residence in Sardinia. Find Holiday House Residence to the sea on the beach in San Teodoro there are deals at low cost prices and last minute deals in San Teodoro. They are available in San Teodoro Nord Sardinia several houses of all types. Residence with pool overlooking the sea, children's suites Two-roomed for family holiday three rooms with individual children and couples. Holiday Homes Apartments Aiosardegna offer the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful beaches of the sea relaxing family holiday with all the comforts of Sardinia in San Teodoro Costa

San Teodoro Sardinia Big Offer for holidays House San Teodoro Nord east of Sardinia Apartments Villas for rent in San Teodoro in the city overlooking the sea on the beach in San Teodoro are specific to your family summer vacation with friends.

Offers Residence in San Teodoro:

Holiday homes Residence San Teodoro are an alternative to Sardinian sea holidays in front and the most famous beaches of Sardinia. All Residence Apartments are equipped to accommodate holiday makers and tourists with children and families. These are flats in a residence with a swimming pool Studio Two independent villas with garden terrace. A wide range of offerings for families with children playing billiards areas to meet tourists during their beach holidays in San Teodoro and throughout Sardinia.

Beaches in San Teodoro:

Among the most beautiful beaches in San Teodoro Costa Caddu Beach, Isuledda, Cala D'Ambra, La Cinta, Punt de Aldia, Lu Impostu, Cala Brandinchi, Salina Bamba and Baia Salinedda Capo Coda Cavallo, Cala Suaraccia, Punta Molara

Holiday homes in San Teodoro Sardinia
If you are looking for a holiday rental in San Teodoro in Sardinia, a holiday home or a holiday apartment in Sardinia on the eastern coasts, Aiosardegna Tour Operator in Sardinia specialist for holiday rentals in San Teodoro and throughout Sardinia by the sea on the beautiful beach helps you find the right accommodation for your holidays and stay in San Teodoro.

The holiday rentals in San Teodoro proposed by aiosardegna are chosen to spend holidays in the water, a beach holiday on the beaches of sardinia a relaxing family holiday with children on the north eastern coast of Sardinia

San Teodoro is a tourist city well-known for tourism and vacation with a good tourist structure Hotels Holiday Home Residence Villa beachfront in the water. The most popular beaches in San Teodoro are Cala Brandinchi, Cala d'Ambra, Cala Girgolu, La Cinta, L'Isuledda Beach, Capo Coda Cavallo Beach, Lu Impostu Beach

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San Teodoro Vacations East Sardinia Vacations
San Teodoro is renowned for being one of the most sought after tourist destinations in Sardinia. Indeed, the village is endowed with many services that go from the hotel structures to the entertainment on the beach passing by the excusions in the hinterland. In the center of the village, the beautiful churches of Sant'Andrea and Sant'Antonio are worth visiting. In addition, San Teodoro is renowned for its nightlife and boxes which are among the largest and most exclusive on the northwest coast of the island.

What's more, visitors can only be enthusiastic about the coastline along the village: La Cinta is one of the best known and most admired beaches on the island. In the village, on the other hand, the Museum of the Navy is interesting to discover. Finally, San Teodoro is bathed by the protected marine area of ​​Tavolara, which can be visited, and which is one of the most exclusive and wildest areas of Sardinia

Distances from San Teodoro

20 minutes from Olbia Costa Smeralda airport, 25 minutes from the port of Olbia, 45 minutes from Porto Cervo