Villa Cala Rosa on Stintino beach in Sardinia

Villa Cala Rosa on Stintino beach in Sardinia Private rental Villa, garden with terrace apartments and houses in Stintino seafront in a residence with swimming pool on the beaches

Location of the villa
Villa in Stintino, in a very nice residence 600 meters from Cala Rosa beach

Composition of the villa
Living room with kitchen sofa, two bedrooms with double beds, bathroom with shower, garden.
Villa TV, washing machine, barbecue, outdoor shower

Villa Cala Rosa, 600 meters of Stintino Beach Villa Cala Rosa on Stintino beach in Sardinia Private rental Villa, garden with terrace apartments and houses in Stintino seafront in a residence with swimming pool on the beaches

Rooms and apartments in Stintino Sardinia
Stintino is a small village located in Northern Sardinia. It has the most beautiful beach of the island: La Пелоза Beach, famous for its turquoise waters and white sand. Beautiful paradise, worthy of the most beautiful Pacific beaches! While staying and relaxing in the village complex you will discover Stintino fishing village, which managed to preserve its charm. Stintino is the perfect place for a ballader in his narrow, shady shores full of fishing boats and yachts.

Stintino, it's Sardinia wild all along the coast, granite wind-carved, in summer, Stintino becomes a bustling city, 24 hour reception, show, entertainment and nightlife to the delight of holidaymakers and holidaymakers families and children

Today, Stintino lives about 800 people and lives mainly from tourism and rentals, Apartments Villas in the center of town, on the beach by the sea designed and amenagées for holiday and touristiqutes who want to enjoy the beautiful beaches and Stintino of northern Sardinia

The charming little town of Stintino is located on the Gulf of Asinara, on the north coast of Sardinia. Date of birth very accurately, in 1885, when families of fishermen who lived on the island of Asinara were banished in a correction colony and are starting a new settlement on Capo Falcone. Origin of English comes from su sardinia, isthintinu, or "snake", the name given to the narrow fiord, at the bottom of which is the village. Two ports - Porto Mannu and Port Minori - all for yachts.

Within a few kilometers of the village, near the sea, there are old madragues, which until the Xx century were the primary form of economic activity in the countryside. Today they are restored, and for tourist and leisure events. Every summer, at the port, there is the "Tuna Day, while the Museo della Tonnara offers a collection of documents, objects, photographs and layouts that tell the tuna life cycle and various areas of the mattanza. On the top and two Spanish fortresses of La Piedras and Isola Piana, Stintino is surrounded by white beaches, making it one of Sardinia's most famous tourist destinations.

In the area of ​​Stintino

Village of Stintino
beaches of La Pelosetta.
Capo Falcone beaches: Capo Falcone - a paradise of wild and unspoilt
Asinara National Park: There is a park that includes the Asinara islands and a wide ...
Cala Reale Beach Cala Reale is located in the northern part of Asinara Island. She...
Cala Trabuccato beaches
Cala d 'Oliva beaches
Tonnara Museum.

Asinara National Park:
This park, which includes the islands of Asinara and a large part of the sea and everything around, belongs to the village of Porto Torres. If from the north, its coastal profile has high schisteuses rocks, the south coast unlike the piercing of beautiful coves and small beaches, features granite morphology rías

You can reach the island of Asinara Porto Nuovo Stintino or Porto Torres where there are information kiosks where you can buy tickets.